BookingCity – Hotel booking gets handy


BookingCity is the best place to start if you are looking for a place to stay when visiting Malaysia. Here is where you will able to reserve your room or book any other related services at the convenience of your own space and time and receive confirmation instantly. We strive to offer you with a hassle-free reservation system where you need not have to worry about lodging and transport when visiting anywhere in Malaysia.

One stop platform for everything

BookingCity provides you with the whole value chain of services that will take care of your trip to Malaysia. We not only offer you rooms at the most affordable rates available but we also provide you with transport services where you can rent vehicles as well as reserve your meals at our chain of restaurants and food partners nationwide. This is where you can tell us when you are coming and where you would like to stay and head out to book your rooms. From there, you can also rent a car or a chauffer driven vehicle to bring you around as well. If you like, you can also tell us about your request for any type of food and we will try to cater to your needs in our best possible ability.

Room reservation

At BookingCity, we have a network of hundreds of hotels and budget accommodation choices from the whole Malaysia. Here is where you will be able to choose from the categories that we have offered that range from states, districts, towns that will determine the location. From there, you can then choose the accommodation choices here from upscale hotels and resorts to the more affordable homestays and budget inns which are available. As part of our offering to our customer, we ensure that you will enjoy the lowest and most competitive rates you can find anywhere online. Once you have made your reservation, you will hold it until 24 hours before the stipulated time. If you have made your payment in full, the room is confirmed for you.

Vehicles and food

At BookingCity, we not only offer you a place to stay but we also ensure that all other facilities you need will be taken care of as well. Hence, we have engaged a large network of car rental companies and food operators around the country where we will be able to offer you reservation services for these facilities. Each of these services will offer you with the most affordable rates available and like our room reservation service, you will be able to confirm your bookings instantly.

Why BookingCity?

Apart from offering a full range of services to ensure that your visit to Malaysia is hassle and worry-free, BookingCity is able to offer you rates which are competitive where you will not be able to find anywhere else online. This is because, unlike other operators, BookingCity is Malaysian owned and we know our markets the best. We are committed to ensure that you need not have to worry about anything else because your intention to visit Malaysia is to have a good time.

We have a network of thousands of hotels located around the country while our vehicle rental companies and food operators also number in the thousands. We strive to offer our customers with the best and widest choices of all that you need. As a leader in this industry, we have partners in almost all the cities, towns, villages and areas around Malaysia. Hence, you will surely be able to find a comfortable stay, a place to eat and a way to get around almost everywhere in Malaysia all from a single point of contact.